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Well? Things are going….FANTASTICALLY.

I haven’t quite decided if I should keep going here or go out elsewhere. BECAUSE, I have arrived. I am no longer unemployed. Sortof.

Jobs are flowing in, if not perfectly steady, and my numbers continue to rise. My reviews are flawless and most clients are satisfied with what I’m doing for them on a freelancing basis. I’ve found that with a lot of my clients I’ve been moving into a different direction, encompassing more marketing and social media help. Thta’s fine by me, it’s still somewhat steady.

Now, for the challenges. One, time management. I have absolutely none. It’s very late and I’m blogging now to continue to avoid the task at hand. Which reminds me, I should get back to work.

But good news? Yeah, free trip to Mexico. It happened. In less than six months of venturing out on my own I earned a press trip to beautiful Mazatlan to rub shoulders with some incredible personalities and writers for a week. Oh and enjoy some time at the spa, ziplining, drinking tequila and dining on all the shrimp I could eat. Things are happening. It’s all happening.

Viva la Mexico!


Job Hunt Tip #9: Confidence is key, but don’t be an egomaniac. Feed on a few recent compliments and use your best assets of charm and grace to snag that interview.

I am no longer unemployed! Sort of.

A great friend of mine in college once crashed into my dorm room and started yelling my name. He said, “Eileen, Eileen, get up!” I kept shouting back, “UURUUUMPF”, or something like that.

When I finally started to get a grip on conscious reality, I started smiling and poking fun at this unabashed intrusion. I told him, “OK, alright, I’m up, I’m uuuup. I’m a queen, here I am, I’m going to change the world! Bring it on!” I raised my fist in the air triumphantly.

He said, “Eileen, if you’re going to change the world, you have to get out of bed first.”

Well. Really now.

My biggest most awful flaw is that I am so. Tragically. Lazy. Exactly half of me wants to change the world and fix all it’s problems and solve hunger and meet everyone alive and love until it hurts.

The exact other half of me wants a big fat, free paycheck to cover me for a life of curling up in bed forever in hazy contentment.

Spanish Rainbow by CrookedFlight

It is a constant struggle that I always wonder about, because if things were handed to me, which would I choose? Would I stay in bed or get up?

So recently, ish, I did land a job. I am now a content writer at the downtown company. I truly enjoy the work, which is a great start. It has been far from easy, but I try to consistently create content that’s interesting and thoughtful. Time constraints don’t allow for this, well, almost ever, but I still try. I’ve hit the six month mark, which is a big deal for me. Who knows where this will go, where this will lead me. Although the position itself has been challenging, it’s good to sit still for two seconds and think. More on all this later.

Next time I won’t wait six months to try to squeeze in everything that’s going on.

Job Hunt Tip #6: If the dream job ends up being a nightmare, try to give it a chance. Hard work usually pays off, especially in writing. If perfect positions grew from trees, a lot more people would be happy. So, if you’ve become employed and aren’t completely thrilled, wait a while if it’s tolerable and see where the wind takes you.

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