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Don’t miss the signal to fly.

Patience is brutal, especially when you’re ready to get in the race. You’re standing at that white line, next to all your fellow competitors. You’re really sweating it out, big time. There’s tingles all in your feet and your nails are just dug into that pavement. You know the gun will go off any second. OK, any second now. Then, ten minutes goes by. Another hour. Maybe a day. Weeks. Months.

All this time you’re just crouched there, anxiously waiting for the signal to run and never knowing when it’s going to come.

What I’m learning is a focus to stay on that white line and always be ready in case the sound to sprint happens. I want to just give up sometimes and go home, have a glass of wine, and call it a day. But I know I can’t get off that starting line, even for a minute. If I do, I might miss the gun going off, then I’ll be miles behind everyone else. I have to have the determination and focus to be ready for when it’s my turn.

So I’m still waiting on the outcomes of those interviews, but I’m also still looking for more opportunities. I’m open to everything, everyday, all the time. I don’t want to miss out on anything.

Job Hunt Tip #5: Apply, apply, apply. Anything that may seem worth your effort, get your resume to that company, especially if you have time to kill. I thought I wasn’t qualified for an ‘Editor’ position, but tried anyways. Two days later I got an interview. Don’t sell yourself short: if you applied for a ‘reach’ college, apply for that reach job too!

Music Motivation: Pop Song by Sigur Ros

The worst is over, now we wait.

After driving past the exit not once, but twice, and then paying forty stupid dollars for parking downtown, I survived the day of interviews.

How did they go?

The first was brilliant. I think. I love offices in re areas. This one used to be a big mill, with it’s original wooden floors contrasting against clean, white partitions. The guys who talked with me were great, super down to earth and seemed to really enjoy their job.

There’s nothing worse than an interviewer who says, “Sigh, well this is a pretty good place to work, I guess.” Sure, I can’t be wicked picky at this point, but things like that make me want to just not bother either and cut my losses.

I digress. The questions were easy and we flowed well. I just can’t tell yet if I’m qualified enough. Everything seemed fantastic but I always fear some top shot is going to flounce in after me and declare years of experience, thus sweeping up my dream spot.

The second place was in the city, also a gorgeous setting. But this threw me through a loop, even though should have seen it coming. The damn tests. These days, with such huge pools of applicants for positions, some jobs will just test you until you break. For this content writer job, before I even spoke to a live person, I was in a conference room taking a common knowledge test, an editing test and a current events test. AND, in my pare time next week I have to take another 90 minute test writing demo articles. Oof. I understand companies want the best of course, but you really need to have your game face on when walking into these situations.

I hear from the first one next week, so now I wait and sweat it out.

Aaaaand wait.

Job Hunt Tip #4: I like answering interview questions on the fly so it doesn’t sound too contrived. I think companies can smell a script a mile away. On the other hand, know what position you’re applying for inside and out. The interviewer will probably hint or mention any sort of test too, so make sure you brush up on whatever skills they require!

Music Motivation: Every Day by Girl Talk

Interview-time. The suspense builds.

Interviews are a rush. I’m so wildly excitied to land one then I feel nausous right up to the very second I shake hands. After that though it usually goes well. We chat and shmooze and I answer questions and it’s over before I even know. Total Rockstar.

Wednesday I definitely have one interview, maybe two. The guaranteed one is for a bigwig company and a shiny Editor position I’m pretty curious and pumped about. I’ve learned a nasty and realistic lesson though. It’s really hard to not fall into fantasies of fat salaries and new work friends and your future, perhaps dashingly handsome boss giving you a flashy smile because you just found a way to save the company millions… well, you get it. I now see that an interview sometimes feels like you’ve won the job lottery, it still could mean very little. It could be you and 100 other candidates. Sadly even, the position could already be internally filled. You just never know.

Now dry those eyes. Come on, cheer up. For me, the one thing I can count on is even though I have no plans for five years from now, I know I won’t be where I am now. I maybe in a new job or living in a new place. Maybe I’ll chop off all my hair or finally take those salsa lessons. I know my car won’t last that long, so I’m sure I’ll be driving something different, or maybe I’ll be walking to work downtown.

Anyways, the point is things are going to change. If nothing else I know that I won’t let myself fall into a dull void. All those things I mentioned I can change myself, whenever I want.

Some, like my future dream job, are just going to take a second to get in gear. And when it does, I’ll love looking back on this time. I’ll think, maaaaan, remember when I was living paycheck to paycheck, zip tying my bumper back to my car after that jerk hit me? Remember when I those hideous shoes to work everyday because they were cheap and comfortable? But, remember how I still managed to travel a bit? I still got to see the ocean from my bedroom every morning at sunrise?

There’s time. Plenty of time.

But right now, I need to find those pumps that scream I’m your girl for this job.

Job Hunt Tip #3: What to wear?! Wear your best. No one’s going to think you’ve overdone it unless your ballgown train gets stuck in the elevator door. Then you may have to re-evaluate your choices. Otherwise, zip up that suit and own it. If and when your get hired, then you can drink in the company vibe and dress accordingly. I think this especially appeals to twenty-something on the job beat for the first time. Make sure your suit (guys or girls) fits well too so you look polished and mature. I’ve seen a kid swimming in this blazer and thought, wow, will they really hire this 12-year-old?

Music Motivation: Elephant Gun by Beruit

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