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Sunset and horses

Save travels my friends.


Top 5 things to occupy yourself during a ridiculous blizzard

After several hours of shoveling the white stuff out of our massive driveway, I still wouldn’t trade it for anything. People might be terrified of New England in the winter, but when it snows and the sun shines after the apocalyptic aftermath, it’s one of the most beautiful sights in the world. OK I might sell out for a pina colada and a beach in Fiji, but that’s not the point. For now, some hot chocolate and a warm roof over my head is just perfect.


Whether you reside in a freezing climate or plan on heading north soon, take advantage of the snowy environment and find out how these hearty people roll on the regular.

Get a hot drink in a cozy bar – I’m a little biased, and but this by far is my fave. I miss living near the city for this very reason; I’m so jealous of my friends who can pop into a pub for a cold one and some blizzard camaraderie. L Street Tavern in South Boston is a perfect place to start with a hard cider before digging your way out downtown. Or, carbo load at Mike’s Food and Spirits In Davis Square, Somerville (right off the Red Line subway) with drinks and homemade pastas before braving the cold again.

Find where all the locals are enjoying the snow – Want to grab a sled and crash onto a nearby hill? If in the US try to find the best hills around. Otherwise, check local websites and Facebook pages for high schools, parks and more that have the scariest slopes to conquer. It’ll be worth it to challenge all those little punks who think they can beat you to the bottom.


Make some snow treats – Now before you go all nuts, you can easily grab some clean and fluffy stuff to whip up fun little snacks just like when you were a kid. I mean, why not? Saves you some time filling the ice tray. Mix some fruity drinks using snow, or blend it with a little cream, sugar and flavoring for instant ice cream.

Learn a new winter sport – If you’re from somewhere that has palm trees, you might not get many chances to master skiing, snowboarding or ice skating. I can only speak for New England, but all of our ski resorts are super friendly and great places to take a lesson or two. They often offer student discounts or special rates in the evening, during the week and the off-season.

Catch a hockey game – Canadians might think they dominate is this sport, but New Englanders certainly hold their own too. Despite having epic, historic snowfall in the last 24 hours, 17,000 people are still expected to make the pilgrimage to Boston to watch the Bruins play tonight. You can easily grab a ticket or two to one of the farm league games, pro matches or local brawls, depending on your budget and time frame. Heck, kids will be playing on any patch of ice throughout the area, so keep your eyes peeled for young talent too.


So I used to offer unemployment tips, I think now I’ll try to instill some wisdom on the freelancing world, especially travel. Feel free to ask me any questions and offer your thoughts on the industry too! It can be a singular job in nature, but there’s definitely strength in numbers when it comes to figuring it all out and being great at it.

Freelancer Tip #1 : In the beginning, even if you’re not sure, pick a couple of topics or industries to focus on. It can be tempting to dive into anything that comes your way, but that can leave you feeling lost or overwhelmed Choose just travel and lifestyle, or photography and website design. Play into your strengths first then branch out from there!

Charming, Italian, Culinary, Boston

Take a peek at my “In the Know Traveler” debut where I wandered through MY hometown to seek out a new side I haven’t discovered yet. Please share with your friends, and I’d be happy to offer more tips on indulging in this part of the city!


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Boston-food2This website has really been a godsend, as the editor has let me use it for networking and showing off my skills in any way I choose. Lined up I have more stories on London, Mexico and the hotels I’ve stayed at…piled into the queue already around the corner!  Working on it. I’m sure the pace of projects will slow down someday. I mean, it will, right?!

Hitting the streets!

After a year and a half at the content writing company, I’ve decided to navigate my own waters and become the captain of my own ships. I thanked them for the opportunity and moved onto hopefully bigger and better things, taking the skills I learned with me. What a ride. Most days I would pump out 4,000 word a day, answer client communications, peer-edit and maybe squeeze in a meeting or two. With some proper vacation days, regular hours or wages, this would be tolerable, but unfortunately, we did not receive any of that. One day, in a cloud of anxiety and way after the sun went down, I looked around my office and thought, enough. I know now what to do and what’s expected in this writing world, I should cut out the middle man and do it myself.

And that’s what I did.

So now I’m back to being unemployed sort of. But I feel much more in control of the situation and excited about my future. Already I landed a few gigs through a great freelancing website that seems to be wonderfully easy in finding fun projects. In two days I crafted a funny blog on how to get your ex back as well as a post on teen confidence. One of the best parts of this new venture? Both of these short assignments paid 5 times as much as any story I wrote for the big content writing mill.

Now, all I need are a few more jobs…!

Job Hunt Tip #7: Following up is essential. ESSENTIAL. When you compete for attention, having your name come up a couple times in e-mails helps. A short, friendly and professional inquiry after your initial application doesn’t hurt at all.

Be a Kid at Heart with These Fun & Silly Events

There’s two kinds of people in this world: ones who wish they could forget their childhood, and ones who’d do anything to be a kid again. The ones who still love those childhood times can’t resist a puddle after the rain, or a certain crunchy leaf on the sidewalk. They love to break out the sidewalk chalk or gather a group for flashlight tag. Whichever one you are though, you can join in for a day and embrace your inner child at these innocent and fun events coming up.

The Museum of Science ( often has live presentations going on throughout the week. One of their most famous is the lightning show in the electricity theatre. Pull up a front-row rug spot and watch these crazies conduct some experiments with lots of loud sounds and hair standing on end. On Saturday and Sunday, the show will be at 12pm, 2pm and 4pm with regular museum admission.

If you’re looking for a little more education and a lot more hands-on, Boston’s Center for Adult Education always has ongoing sessions that teach everything from cooking to claywork. On March 12th from 2pm-5pm, the BCAE is hosting a screen-printing class, for anyone who’s really wanted a Golden Girls t-shirt but is way too embarrassed to actually buy it. Now you can make it yourself. Channel that kid in you who used to revel in finger-paints and sign up for this one session only at

On April 2nd, Boston will be participating in a very special event. That day happens to be International Pillow Fight Day, and of course our eclectic city will be joining the world-wide ranks as well. Last year over 1,500 people showed up for this playfully violent event and it promises to be just as epic in 2011. The group hosting it, the Banditos Misteriosos, will announce the spot the day before, so bookmark their website and check back at

For five bucks on any given day at the Christian Science Center, you can indulge in a world of pretend at the Mapparium. This structure is a three-story tall glass globe that visitors can walk around inside of and view the entire world. The unique angle allows people to understand the real shape of the continents and puts distance into perspective- making your nerdy kid at heart week in the knees. Find details at and be sure to get there before 4pm.

Save the adult beverages and your pick up lines for later. Start your day right in the city with the kids and young at heart. Best results are sans hangover, because fun is never the same when you’re feeling queasy. Grab a smoothie, some sneakers and get to playing!

–Eileen Cotter is a Contributor to The Free George

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