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Pondering a trip to San Francisco in the near future? Absorb some inspiration from fellow bloggers. They have you covered when it comes to picking what to experience in this crazy seaside city. Read up on my synopsis of the best City by the Bay posts so far for the New Year:

San Francisco on the Blogs on SF

This weekend I’ll be making my way back to NYC, this time for a little relaxation instead of a chaotic press trip. HOWEVER, I am always on the lookout for fantastic story inspiration so I’ll be sure to snag some stories while on the road. Any advice on the best eats and things to see there? I’ve been a zillion times but always try to experience something new every adventure!

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Officially I'd like to say I'm a trained and travel-savvy journalist with experience in editing, layout, copy editing, analyzing, producing, advertising and managing. Unofficially? I hustle as a self employed freelancer and I'm learn unbelievable things about the industry everyday. By night I upbeat blog here and swap stories with other adventure-seekers. Please feel free to contact me at to chat about professional opportunities, trips, travel consulting and whatever else you might have in mind. I'm here for you! "CrookedFlight" came from an unknown song by an unknown artist with the quote, "We are all angels with one wing, we can fly, if we hold onto each other." That's how I envision my travels, which would never be possible without the decency and love of the human race. Here we go. View all posts by crookedflight

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